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Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Ol' Scrabble Turned Pink

A little site surfing today made me stumble upon the glamorous Special Edition Pink Scrabble on Breakthrough. Everything has the pink touch from box to board and tile to tile bag. As described by Breakthrough, even the striking red Scrabble logo has turned a shade of fushia for the first time since its creation.

This makeover aims to raise funds for Breakthrough in lieu of the Breast Cancer Awareness Program with a £1.50 donation from the sale of each game set (Recommended Retail Price is around £15).

Yup, the good ol' scrabble now comes in pink. You can now smile from ear to ear. Go Get it now.

Update: Upon further research on the internet, I came upon a comment from one reviewer whom dissappointingly mentioned that the tiles for this Special Edition Pink Scrabble is smaller than the spaces on the board, so the game will end up looking scruffy as it's difficult to keep the words aligned neatly.

Can somebody confirm this?

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