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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pink Gadget Is Born! - Ipod Nano Leather Case Takes Centerstage

Hye guys,
My name's Rina. And I absolutely love pink to death. I just can't understand girls (and boys) who hate the color pink. What? Boys shouldn't be wearing pink? That is sooo last season. Pink looks good on anyone.. and I mean just anyone. So, as a dedication towards the color pink, I'm going to write a lot about any latest, vintage and must-have pink gadgets - hence the name ;)

To start up this Pink Gadget Blog, let's take a look at this IPod Nano Leather Case in Pink (of course!) from Gear4.com. Stunning isn't it?

• Premium-grade leather
• Super soft velvet lining
• With velcro bag strap
• Full access to click wheel, screen and ports
• Strong magnetic clip closure

However, please note that this leather case is not compatible with the new Nano. It works with 2GB and 4GB models. If you're already thinking on purchasing it, it's going to cost you £19.99.

For you guys who have already owned this Ipod Nano Leather Case, please share your views. Does it look as good as what the picture shows? Can it sustain long wearing? Does the color wear off easily?

Ok. That's all for now.
More Pink Gadgets will follow soon!

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