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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pink Samsung Blush SGH-x830 With Benefit

What can I say, this phone is a must-buy for every girls! And a perfect gift for Christmas. ShinyShiny attended this Samsung Blush launch and has done a great review on this phone. To add the 'Zing' factor, Samsung Blush comes packaged up with a selection of Benefit goodies. Yay!

And as you could've guessed the launch was done in a style ala day spa / beauty parlour, where attendees were treated to eyebrow waxes and mini-makeovers whilst learning about the phone. Blush should be thought of as a music device with all the benefits of a mobile phone, rather than the other way around.

ShinyShiny reported that "the music player is the big plus, very iPod like with a click wheel for navigation and easy to use menus. There's also an 'offline' mode that'll turn off all phone functions so you can use it purely as a music player on planes and other non-phone-friendly areas. Internal memory is 1gb, sadly there's no card slot to increase that, but when you think it already has double the memory of an iPod shuffle, it'll still hold a good number of songs."

"The camera is a respectable 1.3 megapixels with an automatic flash, and the phone itself is lipstick sized, bright pink and easy to slip into your handbag. "

Unfortunately, there's a down-side to this excellent Blush: The new keypad layout of two rows instead of three would probably make frequent texters think twice before purchasing Blush. However with a style to die for, I think a lot of them would decide to give in ;)

GadgetCandy mentioned that the "Samsung's Blushin' box set will feature £50 worth of Benefit goodies. Think a Georgia palette, a silky lip cream, lush eye shadows and a Hollywood Glo body balm, all tucked inside a chic cosmetic bag. And if you're no good at face painting, then head over to your nearest Benefit Beauty Bar and present the 'Make Upper' card also included in the package to redeem your free slap session. The Samsung Blush will be available exclusive to Orange from 1 November. It comes free on all 12 month contracts over £30 or £179.99 on Pay As You Go."

What say you? Must have or just another fad?
Watch this video provided by ShinyShiny:

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