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Thursday, October 26, 2006

iSoundCap Running Hat for IPod Nano

Yahoo Finance reported that iSoundCap Inc will be releasing the new running hat for iPod Nano, called iSoundCap. Made using lightweight and breathable fabric, this cap had been specifically designed for runners, and it is also compatible with the Nike+iPod kit. The iSoundCap allows runners to place their iPod in the cap where the wires are neatly tucked away inside the cap making their running experience virtually wire-free. Unlike the usual armband or belt clip that goes with the Nike+iPod Kit that leaves wires hanging and in the way.

"In a recent press conference Steve Jobs CEO of Apple said, 'Apple has sold 450,000 Nike+iPod Sport Kits in less than 90 days since their introduction. The kits provide connectivity between the iPod Nano and Nike running shoes.'"

"Karl Foust, CEO of iSoundCap Inc. says, 'When runners try our new caps we are sure they will find it a better way to carry their iPod while training.'"

Since the complete lineup will include colors matching the new iPod Nano 2nd Generation, this means that this hat/cap is available in pink. Great!

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