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Friday, October 20, 2006

Puk Me! PC Mouse Wrist Rest

Pukme.com introduced a smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest called PUK. As mentioned on Pukme website, "resting between your palm and wrist, your PUK slides around whilst you use your computer mouse, supporting your wrist, elevating it to the height it should be". Sounds interesting, no?

For all of you gadget geeks, these are the specs, as described by Pukme:

The Base: is made from a self-lubricating, lightweight, low wear, durable, low friction plastic, developed by DuPont.

The Top: is super squasy comfy. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, a hybrid breed of plastic and rubber, to make your wrist feels so much at home.

The Benefits:
- no more aching wrist and palms. yay!
- omni-directional. The PUK will glide and slide in every possible directon underneath your wrist.
- good looking? Of course :D. Eye-catching? Very much!
- since it looks almost like a puck, perhaps hockey is an option? I doubted that ;)

You can get you favourite PUK from Pukme for £5.

GadgetCandy has also got their hands on the PUK. Seems like they love it. So, Mr Pukme Sir, any chance for PinkGadget to test out the PUKs, in pink maybe? :D

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