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Friday, October 20, 2006

Samsung 8mm-thick Slim Notebook / Laptop Mouse

Thin is all the rage. This has got to be the slimmest mouse ever!
Aving.net Usa reported (based on Aving.net Korea Special report) that Samsung presented 8mm-thick slim mouse at Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2006.

This slim mouse measures 40 X 95 X 8mm with a wheel that moves from right to left unlike the existing mouse. With LED light, it has 5 buttons and semi-automatic cable winder. It is expected to be used for UMPC or notebook pc.

There is however, no word on how sensitive the mouse is. EverythingUSB expected it to be around 800 dpi. Aving.net also does not say what is the recommended retal price for this mouse.

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