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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Amadana Portable DVD Player VP-110

Once again PinkGagdet goes out of its way to report a non-pink gadget, as a result of seeing this sleek old-school-looking Amadana Portable DVD Player from Realfleet Co. Ltd.

This DVD player is made of natural material, laminated bamboo, and equipped with a flat-touch panel. Amadana explains that "Laminated bamboo creates a natural texture that cannot be produced with paint. By carbonizing the bamboo before laminating, a subtle difference is created in each section of bamboo. The difference in color creates a unique natural feeling when the bamboo is laminated. You can feel how different it is from other products that are painted, and this texture cannot be created with metal or plastic."

"It is equipped with 10-inch-wide LCD; the largest among the portable types. Able to display TFT Active Matrix 1,150,000 pixels with progressive scanning. With a large, high-definition LCD, you can enjoy the beautiful images even with a portable."

Some other features:
- supports the Dolby Digital sound system
- equipped with an SD memory card slot
- equipped with 6 input-output terminals
- equipped with 2 headphone terminals

There's also a leather case available to protect this portable DVD Player. Unfortunately, like the player, the casing is also NOT available in pink. (colors available: dark brown, red, yellow, beige).

Let's hope Realfleet gets this message, and produce a Pink Amadana Portable DVD Player, or at least make the leather case available in pink :D

Will report to you some more, if there's updates on this!

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