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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

AnY Free Rider Yoyo

GadgetCandy reported that YoYoNation is introducing this gorgeous metallic pink yoyo called AnY Free Rider. YoYoNation mentioned that this AnY Free Rider is definitely a player's yoyo!

- Size & shape similar to the classic Freehand Zero
- Thumb / Finger grind lip
- AnY's popular top-on hub
- Sand-blasted, low-friction finish
- Soft anodization in pink
- Long spinning ball bearing (similar in size to the YoYoJam Large bearing)
- The NEW AnY Pad response system
- AnY branded velvet pouches

*Important note from YoYoNation: These yoyos are limited to only 400, so grab yours now before they're all gone! (I've just checked, currently, there are 51 items left)

The price is $88.00.

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