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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Millet Wind-up Torch and Phone Charger

Ever experienced getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, with your phone all of a sudden ran out of battery, and no power supply could been seen anywhere around you?

Wow.. that must be a dreadful experience, that makes you become extra careful nowadays to ensure that your phone's battery level is always at full bar. Don't fancy getting all worrisome? That’s why you need this phone charger and torch from Millet.

Millet mentioned that the torch gives the option of two, four or five LEDs and the phone charger has adaptors for most Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Samsung handsets. It comes with a lanyard so you won’t lose it in the undergrowth.

This handy charger is a great utility to bring along during camping, hiking and travelling. It comes in four colors: mid blue, mid pink, black and green and retails at £9.99 (Used to be £12.99 — Save £3!)

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