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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foose Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutters

For the bakers out there, H.O. Foose Tinsmithing offers Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutters. The cookie cutter is of course not pink in color, but carries the shape of the pink ribbon, where a 'teardrop' center is tied together with the frame to form the pink ribbon shape.

Selling for $4.00 each, this 4-inch Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutters is an inexpensive item used for so much more than cookies. Party favors, (Bridal, Baby, and Banquet) crafts, jell-o, sewing and quilting patterns, to tie on packages are just a few of the ideas suggested by Foose.

Designing and handcrafting their own tin cookie cutters, Foose has made more than 700 of them, each different than the next one.

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