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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

USB Pig Radio

This USB Pig Radio is such a head turner! Or is it really? A pig for a radio? Come on. In order to adjust the volume, just turn his bright pink little tail. Channel scanning is carried out by tweaking your its piggy ear until the desired frequency is found.

According to CrazyAboutGadgets who sells this USB Pig Radio, "the speaker mounted inside the pigs truffle snuffling snout is amazingly clear for such a small unit but if its extra sound for your pound your after you can piggy back your own speakers via the 3.5mm jack plug situated at the messy end of Mr. piglet."

The USB Pig Radio can run on 4 x AA batteries, ideal for those of you who don’t have any spare USB ports. All in all USB pig radio is a superb alternative to conventional radio with an added bonus - a friend for your piggy bank :P

CrazyAboutGadgets is selling this USB Pig Radio for £11.95 (Approx. $24.44 or €18.37).

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