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Thursday, December 07, 2006

DC571 Tink Pink Hello Kitty Digital Camera

Spluch reported that KFE Japan Co, a leading manufacturer has just unveiled a new Hello Kitty digital camera, the Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571. Another kiddy digicam? Are you kidding me? Kids nowadays are so demanding!

Anyway, here are the features if you're thinking of getting this digital camera for your little one(s). Or maybe just for yourself ;)

-2.4-inch LCD
-32MB of built-in memory
-an SD card slot
-using USB 2.0
-powered by 2 alkaline batteries - can go up to 120 consecutive shots
-video recording is available: 640x480/20 fps or 320x240/22 fps
-also comes with gaming mode
-weighs about 90 grams
-dimension: 87 x 29 x 58 mm

It retails at approximately 25,000 yen or US $217.


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