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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Limited Edition Microsoft Pink Zune

Could you believe that this Pink Zune is already in the market? Reallyyy?Uh oh. No. Not exactly. False alarm. According to ZuneInfo, apparently Microsoft has only put 100 of these out in the wild, complete with a certificate stating just that.

"One lucky shopper managed to pick one up at Circuit City and has now put it up for sale on eBay." So, I guess you could either hunt down the 99 Pink Zunes left (probably) or you could go all out in the bidding war on eBay.

According to ZuneInfo, so far the bidding on Ebay is up to: $380.99 (Good luck Pink Zune chasers!)
Is this a sign that Ipod has finally met it's real rival? Time will tell.

Also, head over to ZuneScene for more information.
Watch Zune in action (video from Gizmodo):

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