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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Hasbro i-Dog Musical Companion for iPod and MP3 Players

The i-Dog has been updated with new features for the 2006 holidays by Hasbro. One of them is that this playful, palm-sized robot puppy reacts to music now without connecting a cable to them.

There are many ways to get the i-Dog to react to music it hears:

1. Try sitting i-Dog in front of a speaker, or
2. Use his own built-in speaker, or
3. Plug him into the headphone jack of an iPod or other MP3 player.

SharperImage described that "After a few seconds of music, his face lights up, ears wag and head tilts in sync with the beat. i-Dog also can be expressive without music, staying animated even after the music stops."
Oh yeah, you need to tweak his tail to mute sounds when using his built-in speaker.
What I love about this i-Dog is the blinking LEDs on his face that shows the expression of i-Dog's four moods: "agitated" when listening to rock and rap music; "pleased" when you're playing him country and classical; "delighted" from pop and R&B numbers; and "excited" when it comes to dance music!
The i-Dog is compatible with most portable music devices including iPod, Discman and Rio. Besides Pink, i-Dog is also available in Blue, Black, White and Dalmation.

SharperImage is selling the i-Dog for $29.95

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