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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Custom-made Gadget Sleeves for Your iPod, Digital Camera, Notebook and All

Bored of your same ol' same ol' Digital Camera casing? Tired of looking at your bland looking, luggage-like, bulky, black laptop bags ? And, can't stand seeing everyone else having the same iPod casing design as yours? Cringe no more. GadgetSleeves is the answer.

Chipchick reported that the GadgetSleeves Boutique specializes in custom-made lightweight protective sleeves for digital cameras, laptops, iPods, cell phones, PDAs and other devices and accessories. And unlike most cases and sleeves, GadgetSleeves have no handles or zippers unless you specifically request it.

Now, you can unleash that hidden creativity of yours to design your own protective cover for your gadgets at an amazingly affordable price.

Custom iPod & MP3 player Sleeve retails at $19.99.
The most expensive would be the custom laptop cover, which retails at $34.99.

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