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Friday, December 08, 2006

Iron Speaker for iPod

This is a rather funny gadget. An iron-shaped speaker for iPod? :P. Whomever designed this speaker must be sooo in love with ironing. Iron on an iPod? Maybe it should be called as "iRon" instead. Hey, it doesn't sound so bad afterall. (Anyone interested in the name? ;)

Anyway, since it is pretty cheap (you can get it for $10), I recommend you to just buy it, just for the heck fun of it. This Iron Speaker mimics the controls on a real iron where they are shaped like a steam button, and there's also a dial for settings. And guess what? There's even a cable which has two completely useless protrusions at the end to resemble a standard three-prong wall plug. This is so funny :P

Engadget mentioned that you also get an alarm clock whose face is on the bottom of the unit, as well as an FM radio with antenna built into that strange cable.

The Iron Speaker is available in three colors - pink, lime and orange.

Hey, why not surprise your dry cleaners or housekeeper this holiday season with this Iron Speaker? :)

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