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Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello Kitty Limited Edition Laptop and iPod

This Hello Kitty limited edition laptop comes pre-loaded with wall papers, themes and icons of you guessed it, Hello Kitty cat. With only 100 units being released, everybody will go crazy (already) over it.

What's with all these "100 units only", "limited edition" style of advertising anyway?

MuzikAndPics mentioned that it features a white Epson NA101 equipped with Windows XP Home Edition, a 12.1” screen, a Celeron M 423 (1.06Ghz) processor, 512 MB RAM, Finger print security, a 40GB hard drive, combo drive.
Not only that, you'll also get a 4GB pink iPod Nano with a Hello Kitty design etched on the back in this package. Neat.
If you're really a Hello Kitty fan, call up your Japan friends to get you this Hello Kitty Limited Edition Laptop and iPod package for 248,000 Yen (about $2,100). Yes, it's only available in Japan ;).

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