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Monday, November 26, 2007

Apple iPhone Smartphone

Christmas is just about a month away. And if you're still wondering what to get for your loved ones (or maybe even for yourself :)), it might be a good idea to get them a Pink iPhone! Yes!

Errmm, but the thing is.. you couldn't just buy them off the shelf . Not to worry though. Just head off to ColorwarePC to get your iPhone painted pink for you. You can either buy them online of call 888-452-6567. I just love their 'cotton candy', 'romance' and the metallic 'blush' paint colors.

Well, if you don't fancy pink (why?), you can choose the other 23 colors that they offer to customize your iPhone.

The parts of the phone that is 'paintable' are:
- The Back
- The Bottom
- The Frame
- The Button
- The Logo
- The Earbuds
- The Docks

The price of painting your iPhone to your favourite color can range from $159 to $229.

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